How we can help you:​​​.

     If you are looking for a quick assembly-line "rack and crack" type chiropractic treatment then you may want to call elsewhere.

     But if you prefer to be welcomed into a comfortable healing environment where you are treated with meticulous concern to YOU as an individual, alleviation of your symptoms, prevention of their return, and optimization of wellness,  then you should call us for chiropractic gentle adjustments in Kingsport.

     Thoroughly,  Dr. Hamilton will assess your condition and later, your progress.  Treatments typically start with muscle-relaxing massage using a G-5 percussor massager.  Dr. Hamilton often spends more time with patients manually working out trigger points when extra time and care is needed. 

     The frame of your body is assessed and then appropriate spinal adjusting (restoring spinal joint movement helping to remove nerve interference) is performed by relatively gentle adjustment procedures.

Techniques most often used:


    Thompson Drop Table

Affected joints are moved by hand at a precise angle by using  certain parts of the specific spinal bones as short levers to restore their lost motion when the specialized table quickly accelerates approx. 1/3 inch  to break up scar tissue adhesions and a "boom" occurs as the table piece stops but the specific bone moves a bit as the joint motion is somewhat restored. Otherwise, left unchecked, this inhibited joint motion (painful or not) would serve to further bind and promote premature joint degeneration (arthritis). This technique uses the drop of the table, gravity, and then momentum to adjust the joints. Most patients find it much more comfortable (despite the table noise) with rare "popping" (it's too fast for nitrogen bubbles!) and less awkward positioning for them as they are usually flat on their bellies!


This handy-dandy little handheld tool uses even higher speed acceleration to move affected joints at a precise angle to restore joint function and eliminate nervous system dysfunction. This tool is quite effective for everyone from newborns to 100+ years old! 


Oftentimes adjunct therapies are also incorporated either before of after the spinal adjustment to enhance healing and/or alleviate the pain symptoms more quickly. We use not only the conventional therapies of ice or heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound, triggerpoint therapy, and exercise therapy, but we also are excited to be one of the only local providers utilizing Erchonia low level laser therapy (LLLT) also called cold laser therapy. This new technology is not a "freeze ray." Its very low amperage does not produce heat, but light therapy of a precise wavelength that stimulates healing and pain reduction. This Star Trek-like tool safely re-establishes  soft tissue communication and soft tissue function! This cutting edge technology has been very helpful to many patients with even quite complicated acute or even very chronic conditions, and benefits are often immediately noted by very happy patients!